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  • 250.00

    Luxury Soaps

    when there is no reason to gift…let the reason be love .
    Our handcrafted pastel colour heart soap with richness of essential oils suited for sensitive to tender skin of new borns..
    Moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth and soft all day.

  • 450.00

    Marble Acne Cure


    Special Acne Care
    Marble Cure 
    Activated charcoal with Honey

    This product is best suited for the TEENAGERS ACNE..starting from small tiny acne on forheads and the cheecks,this a mild soap so it safe for 12 years onwards.
    Our products are made specially for Daily needs ,kids going to school,people who are working & dont get time for Facials,face cleanings ..Simply wash your face twice daily and get rid of the extra oils, Dirt , Acne marks, and since we use combination of essential oils, it balances the skin with new cells to dead cells, n Restores freshness, oil control in d areas and hydrates dry areas..
    Balance is very important for any skin products one uses.
    Oil control often leads dry n dullness on to maintain the immunity and glow we use the best combination of Essential oils,Honey, activated charcoal, many more ONLY NATURAL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS for our more variety for Acne issues.
    We create our very own products its originals by Be Charmed

  • 350.00

    Mens Soap-Mystery Men

    Mystery Men
    a luxury soap bar specially for Boys and Men with a unique fragrance of oil based perfumed fragrance which will keep you fresh all day…
    it works great also just incase you forgot to put a deor no worries ,our soap bars are very hydrating ,keeps the fragrance last all day.

  • 750.00

    Mint with Epsom salts

    This foot and body soaks are highly recommended for
    SOAR MUSCLES (neck, back , legs)
    Epsom salt has benefits that help is soothing pains with just simply soaking your feet.
    Mint leaves , Eucalyptus roots , Epsom salts , sea salts.
    200 grams to 300 grams

  • 400.00

    Mint(Pudina) Soap

    Fresh Mint(pudina)leaves Soap

    • Feel the freshness of mint in your bath.
    • Mint leaves can transform your skin in many ways specially when you want to Rid of Acne or simply maintain a healthy happy skin.
    • Mint leaves help boost your blood circulation at the same time slough off dead skin cells.
    • You must add this to your daily skin care regime.
    • Fresh Mint-Pudina leaves blendid with mint oil and essential oils.
    • keeps you calm,fresh,cleanse and detox.


  • 450.00

    Neem Soap

    BeCharmed special Handcrafted Neem Soap Bar.

    Neem has anti- fungal and anti- bacterial properties, and also rich in Vitamin C , which is a advantage for people with sensitive or oily skin.
    Neem powder mixed with coconut oil in soap bars also helps in treating other skin issues like blackheads, pigmentation, dullness and pre mature ageing. Acne , Skin problems like ECZEMA & PSORIASIS it knows for its  best remedy.

    Neem powder is beneficial for your health in various ways. Given below are the top ten uses of neem powder.
    1. Dandruff
    2. Ringworm
    3. Head Lice
    4. Acne/Pimples
    5. Neem Powder In Toothpaste
    6. Sinusitis
    7. Athlete’s Foot
    8. Psoriasis
    9. Eczema
    10. Hair Loss.

  • 1,050.00

    Nourishing cream with spf45

    BeCharmed special Natural & Organic NourishingCream with Spf45 ..

    • Keeping in mind the most sensitive,tender and Acne prone skin .
    • Its a everyday Routine Nourishment cream suited to all kind of skin types.
    • Made with Calendula Wax ,Beeswax ,butter, Coconut oils ,Almond oils ,Vitamin E oils & Aloevera Gel.
    • Its has fresh Fragrance that keeps your face Soft & Hydrated. -Keeping skin Nourished with total Sun protection of spf45.
    • We create products from kids to adults, girls,boys men & woman.
    • available in 60gm.

    Out of stock

  • 350.00

    Orange walnut scrub soap

    Orange walnut scrub soap
  • 650.00

    Pure silver flakes soap

    Pure silver flakes soap 
    Made for your daily luxury bath with a difference.
  • 850.00

    Radiant Glow – Facial bar

    Something special for daily routine
    Pamper yourself now at home itself ,with our unique Radiant Glow soap bar enriched with Gold mica,pure Silver flakes,rose hip oil,frankincense oil,pure chandan(sandalwood).

    Just feel and see all impurities vanish,and feel the skin glow with just simple routine of washing your face once or twice daily,

    it works very well for dull skin,dead cells,it simply rejuvinates from sensitive to normal combination skin also.
    Makes your face Naturally GLOW …SPECIALLY when u dnt have time,in your hectic busy schedule this works best inplace of Facials,Chandan or any other Face Packs,this all in ONE product.RADIANT GLOW Does wonders to your dull Skin..NATURALLY
    Pamper yourself with our Special luxury Glow and clear skin bar -“GADIANT GLOW” its worth the try..without any side effects or does any harm to your skin..

  • 350.00

    Red Velvet – Oats & Lavender Buds n oils

    Red Velvet – Oats & Lavender Buds n oils

    Out of stock

  • 1,850.00

    Rose body butter

    Rose Body Butter
    Total skin repair therapy

    • I Moisturize your skin from Head to toe.
    • You Can apply me directly on face, I will keep it super hydrated & wrinkle free.
    • When you do massage with me, I can prevents & reduces Stretch Mark’s, during & after pregnancy, also after loosing weight Mark’s.
    • When appllied regularly i Form a protective layer around your skin.
    • I Help in soothe skin rashes, nappy rashes, sunburn and eczema & fungal infections.
    • Moisture eliminates any sign of dryness, chapped heels & reduces itching, leaving skin feeling smooth and renewed.
    • Suitable for tender & sensitive skin of babies & adults.
    • I can be applied on cuts, bruce’s, & burns help then heal naturally.

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