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    “AURA” – Bliss

    • The word itself says a lot..our special Aura cleanser and negativity removal soap is ready to take away all your bad aura’s.. as we call NAZZAR.
    • You dont need to go anywhere, just simply put into a routine to take Bath with Aura-Bliss, and feel the goodness within you.
      Use the exclusive bath every day or twice a week.. feel your senses Calm and Serene .
      Be Positive Be yourself Be Charmed.
    • Lavender,pepper ,himalayan pink salt ,essential oils ,lavender oil ,coconut oil ,natural cures.
    • Be a blessing
    • Be Nature lover believe in (if needed then yes)natural cures not medicines ,aura cleanse ,negativity away,be positive good vibes.
    • Spread happiness ,Smile ,Care ,Be Yourself .
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    Epsom salt soap

    Minty love
    Speacial EPSOM SALTS with fresh Mint,Eucalyptus oil and bath salts-specially for body aches, muscles pains, arthritis and joint pains,soreness in the body..

    Its not just about a shower with our special Epsom soap its about avoiding a painkiller and take a warm bath and feel you tiredness and soreness fade away.. you feel more fresh,active and have a better and sound sleep..



  • 750.00

    Lavender Buds with pink Himalayan salts, Black salts .

    Lavender Buds with pink Himalayan salts, Black salts .
    This is ideal for Aura cleansing while u soak and remove dead skin .

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    Mint with Epsom salts

    This foot and body soaks are highly recommended for
    SOAR MUSCLES (neck, back , legs)
    Epsom salt has benefits that help is soothing pains with just simply soaking your feet.
    Mint leaves , Eucalyptus roots , Epsom salts , sea salts.
    200 grams to 300 grams

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    Rose Petals with pink Himalayan salts

    Rose Petals with pink Himalayan salts
    Pink Himalayan salt with Rose Oil and Rose Petals.

    • In addition to the feeling of pure bliss, you get when soaking tired feet in a warm Pink Himalayan Salt you are also getting the healthy feel as well.
    • This salt anti-bacterial and kill germs. It also benefits one who has athletes foot or foot odor.
    • In Himalayan Salt Bath minerals are absorbed while toxins are released into bath water. It stimulates circulation promotes callulor regeneration and moisture retention in dry irritated skin.
    • It contains 84 minerals & elements and is known as purest salt on earth. Rose petals adds aroma to your salt and Rose Oil contains an arroyo of vitamins minerals and antioxidants for moisturizing dry skin.
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    Spa home kit

    So let’s get started :
    Step 1 -Take the bath salt & mix with warm water ,soak hands or feet for 10-15 mins .
    Step 2 -Now take a small amount of the polisher foamy scrub & massage on hands & feet .
    Wash with clean water .
    Step 3 -Massage with our super Hydrating & Nouri body butter .

    Step 4 -wet your face ,take a small amount of face scrub, rub GENTLY on face & neck, wash with tap water  & Tap dry .
    Step 5 -you can also apply the body butter on face & neck for dewy glow up.

    You are party ready with Becharmed natural home spa kit.
    If you enjoyed please share your thoughts @becharnedindia .give us your valuable feedback ❤.

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