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  • 1,950.00

    Cafe latte

    Directions :

    If you want a radiant, glowing complexion, apply our Cafe late  scrub on your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

    For the body,before your bath rub it gently & massage it on WET skin ,and simply wash away with water.

    This scrub will help in getting rid of the dead skin cells and achieving glowing skin as coffee is a powerhouse of anti-oxidant properties.

  • 1,850.00

    Charcoal face wash

    Purify your skin with our all natural charcoal face wash, BLACK MAGIC.

    It leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft and glowing all day long. 

    • Charcoal & Tea tree oil 
    • Cures acne
    • Helps reduce dullness 
    • Leaves the skin glowing
    • Helps to maintain a healthy complexion 
    • Hydrates the skin
    • 200ml 
  • 1,350.00

    Coffee face scrub

    Cafe’ Latte’
    BeCharmed very original coffee face scrub for all types of sensitive and acne prone,specially for Boys and Girls,Teenagers,Men & Woman.

    The Buzz:

    • The best part of tea tree oil is that it works as a great accompaniment with coconut oil and jojoba oil.
    •  For dry skin, it restores the moisture back while it clears the oily skin off the clogged pores.
    • It also reduces tanning of skin. While applying, dilute it with a little water for maximum benefits.
      Using an exfoliating scrub rich in coffee, coconut oil , Oats and raw sugar has many health benefits to your skin.
    • The caffeine found in coffee scrubs typically increases blood flow, and may reduce the appearance of cellulite and give your skin a more even tone.
    Get all your Natural solutions from Becharmed .

  • 1,950.00

    Detox scrub therepy

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Its a total Charcoal Detox therapy for everyone and all skin types
    Teenagers and adults can get best benefits, special activated charcoal with natural and organic ingredients makes skin smooth fresh and removes Toxins like non other can.
    Handmade with love & care

  • 950.00

    Face Pack -ClayMine

    Pink clay face pack
    Glow from within

    Handmade with:
    Made with Fuller’s Earth clay, Pink Australian clay, Turmeric,Almonds pwd, Orange peel powdered for Pigmentations, Blemishes ,Acne and Dark spots and brightness, it helps in balancing skin tones.
    Method :
    Take 1 tbsp in a small bowl,Mix with milk if you have dry skin, or mix with Rose water for normal skin.
    Aplly all over face & neck evenly,Keep until it dries and wash away with tap water!
    Feel tour skin coool soft,clear and that pink glowing skin .
    Its best suited for most sensitive skin types to normal skin types!

  • 750.00

    Facial Bar for men

    “Love Eclipse”
    luxury Soap bar- Quick Face wash facial specially for MEN (even Girls can use)
    Handmade with Pure silver Flakes, Organic Gold mica, Activated Charcoal with Frankincense and Tea tree oil & Agon oil
    Just wash away all those Acne, impurities, Dullness , Quick face wash facial is ready ,Gives glow to the Face
    Keeps Skin more healthy and clean
    Reduces Anti Aging sighns
    Removes Acne & Pimples
    Blackheads pop up overnight on there own.leaves you GLOWING NATURALLY!
    Special Original creation by
    Be Charmed.

  • 650.00

    Marble Acne Cure


    Special Acne Care
    Marble Cure 
    Activated charcoal with Honey

    This product is best suited for the TEENAGERS ACNE..starting from small tiny acne on forheads and the cheecks,this a mild soap so it safe for 12 years onwards.
    Our products are made specially for Daily needs ,kids going to school,people who are working & dont get time for Facials,face cleanings ..Simply wash your face twice daily and get rid of the extra oils, Dirt , Acne marks, and since we use combination of essential oils, it balances the skin with new cells to dead cells, n Restores freshness, oil control in d areas and hydrates dry areas..
    Balance is very important for any skin products one uses.
    Oil control often leads dry n dullness on to maintain the immunity and glow we use the best combination of Essential oils,Honey, activated charcoal, many more ONLY NATURAL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS for our more variety for Acne issues.
    We create our very own products its originals by Be Charmed

  • 450.00

    Neem Soap

    BeCharmed special Handcrafted Neem Soap Bar.

    Neem has anti- fungal and anti- bacterial properties, and also rich in Vitamin C , which is a advantage for people with sensitive or oily skin.
    Neem powder mixed with coconut oil in soap bars also helps in treating other skin issues like blackheads, pigmentation, dullness and pre mature ageing. Acne , Skin problems like ECZEMA & PSORIASIS it knows for its  best remedy.

    Neem powder is beneficial for your health in various ways. Given below are the top ten uses of neem powder.
    1. Dandruff
    2. Ringworm
    3. Head Lice
    4. Acne/Pimples
    5. Neem Powder In Toothpaste
    6. Sinusitis
    7. Athlete’s Foot
    8. Psoriasis
    9. Eczema
    10. Hair Loss.

  • 850.00

    Sunset Paradise

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Special care for 
    Kachi Haldi( Fresh Raw Turmeric) 
    -Immunity booster, promotes cell growth 
    Activated Charcoal - Removes Scars due to Acne , Reduces Pimples,Blackheads , Dries Acne without making it dry and leaving black marks.
    Lemon Zest - Removes Tanning
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