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  • 1,850.00

    Essential Day Gel

    Day Essential Gel (For combination to oily skin)

    Handcrafted with cares:

    ALOEVERA GEL(fresh)


    VITAMIN E.oil


    SAFFRON benefits protects from SUN RAYS.

    • Works best as it penetrates within seconds leaving skin fresh and oil free, glowing. Fragrance that would sooth your senses and make you feel calm and beautiful.
    • Protects sun itching causing redness and reliefs pain.
    • Aloe vera gel possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help in getting rid of inflammatory acne. It also exhibits anti-acne activities and enhances the effect of other popular acne medications like tretinoin.


  • 950.00

    Face Pack -ClayMine

    Pink clay face pack
    Glow from within

    Handmade with:
    Made with Fuller’s Earth clay, Pink Australian clay, Turmeric,Almonds pwd, Orange peel powdered for Pigmentations, Blemishes ,Acne and Dark spots and brightness, it helps in balancing skin tones.
    Method :
    Take 1 tbsp in a small bowl,Mix with milk if you have dry skin, or mix with Rose water for normal skin.
    Aplly all over face & neck evenly,Keep until it dries and wash away with tap water!
    Feel tour skin coool soft,clear and that pink glowing skin .
    Its best suited for most sensitive skin types to normal skin types!

  • 2,950.00

    Face Serum – Amor rose

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    AMORE ROSE –Face SerumThe base of this serum is made with pure rose water and minerals with FlAX SEEDS.
    It contains Rose hip oil and Rose essential oils,frankincense oil,Vitamin E-oil, Vitamin C-oil,gold mica.

    which helps your skin texture more smooth ,reduce fine lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing and also cure acne marks,its suitable on most sensitive skin types.

    • It also has glycerin and mix of other beneficial oils in rose water base to nourish your skin and make it supple.
    • The Flax seeds tightens the skin and keeps it hydrated and wrinkle free.
    • The Special GLOW that those golden MICRO PARTICLES of GOLD is going to add to your skin and work as a Natural Highlighter with serum !
    • Its a two in one combo best of its own original by Be Charmed!You can use directly on your face Day and Night
    • It can be mixed with your daily face cream or moisturizer or foundation for a healthy glowing skin.
    • Take few drops all over face and rub gently till it absorbs your skin.
      Suited to all skin types .
    • Its Refreshing Aroma is very relaxing it makes u feel calm, fresh it will makes u glow like never before..
    • Handmade with love Simple Magic from Be Charmed.
  • 750.00

    Facial Bar for men

    “Love Eclipse”
    luxury Soap bar- Quick Face wash facial specially for MEN (even Girls can use)
    Handmade with Pure silver Flakes, Organic Gold mica, Activated Charcoal with Frankincense and Tea tree oil & Agon oil
    Just wash away all those Acne, impurities, Dullness , Quick face wash facial is ready ,Gives glow to the Face
    Keeps Skin more healthy and clean
    Reduces Anti Aging sighns
    Removes Acne & Pimples
    Blackheads pop up overnight on there own.leaves you GLOWING NATURALLY!
    Special Original creation by
    Be Charmed.

  • 2,950.00

    Gold Glow Day/Night Cream

    Rated 5.00 out of 5


    Made specially with Fenugreek seeds( methi )oil,vitamin E oil,Almond oil, Avacado butter,Rose Essentials oils and Organic Gold mica!
    Over night use of this cream gives you benefit from
    Anti aging
    Glowing complexion
    Removes Acne
    Balances Skin discolouration
    super Hydrating, moisturising ,improves skin texture, suitable for all skin types.
    specially made with extra care for sensitive and acne prone skin.
    one can even apply during day, as one of our customers prefers day use..
    woman and men both with love the aroma and its smooth texture.
    one of our Best sellers.

    Gold mica helps yr skin from dullness and dead cells leaves u shining when u wake up with Natural Glow like never before.

    Fenugreek is a herb whose leaves and seeds have been used since millennia. Fenugreek, commonly referred as ‘Methi’ in Hindi, ‘Menthulu‘ in Telugu, ‘Vendhayam‘ in Tamil, ‘Uluva‘ in Malayalam, ‘Menthe‘ in Kannada, ‘Meth‘ in Punjabi, ‘Methi Dane‘ in Marathi and ‘Methi‘ in Bengali, has made a permanent place for itself in many households. Traditionally, fenugreek seeds have been used as a condiment to promote better health and as a potent hair potion. But recent research indicates that they can do much more than that. From adding flavor to dishes and controlling diabetes to inducing labor, fenugreek seeds have had diverse benefits for your skin, hair, and health.

  • 850.00

    Radiant Glow – Facial bar

    Something special for daily routine
    Pamper yourself now at home itself ,with our unique Radiant Glow soap bar enriched with Gold mica,pure Silver flakes,rose hip oil,frankincense oil,pure chandan(sandalwood).

    Just feel and see all impurities vanish,and feel the skin glow with just simple routine of washing your face once or twice daily,

    it works very well for dull skin,dead cells,it simply rejuvinates from sensitive to normal combination skin also.
    Makes your face Naturally GLOW …SPECIALLY when u dnt have time,in your hectic busy schedule this works best inplace of Facials,Chandan or any other Face Packs,this all in ONE product.RADIANT GLOW Does wonders to your dull Skin..NATURALLY
    Pamper yourself with our Special luxury Glow and clear skin bar -“GADIANT GLOW” its worth the try..without any side effects or does any harm to your skin..

  • 350.00

    Saffron Soap

    The exotic saffron is a beauty aid used by queens and princesses. This spice can be used to get beautiful skin that you’ll feel proud to flaunt.
    Saffron benefits skin because it contains many vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and soothes skin. It is antifungal and can be used to treat acne. … Known to lighten skin,The Most popular spice, which offers everything nice that’s saffron. But not all of us are aware of its benefits, which, we tell you are simply wonderful. And we have covered all of them in this soap.

  • 750.00

    Saffron(Kesar)Mist Toner


    The exotic saffron(kesar) is a beauty aid used by queens and princesses. This spice can be used to get beautiful skin that you’ll feel proud to flaunt.
    our Saffron mist toner helps to with protection in sun,it makes the face glow,soothes redness.you can use directly on face anytime or use on yr make up ,as you like.
    Saffron benefits skin because it contains many vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and soothes skin. It is antifungal and can be used to treat acne. … Known to lighten skin,Saffron for face can be used by making a saffron face pack, face scrub and toner. Known to lighten skin, saffron is also used as an ingredient in many beauty products.

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  • 2,950.00

    Te Amo face serum

    My Skin Benefits: 
    • Apply me on face for Instant smoothe skin & refreshing skin.
    • I Contain safe growth factors that help Visibly improve your dullness & the skin texture.
    • I Help in protecting skin from sun & weather aggressions.
    • Iam Excellent for use under makeup or mix me with any foundationh or make up base.
    •Use me as a natural highlighter giving skin shine & glow with organic gold mica.

    Use me gently :
    • Shake well before use.
    • Use me daily after cleansing your face with a toner or face wash.
    • Take few drops of me on all parts of the face, gently massage me on your face & neck directly specially on fine lines till serum penetrates.

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