Ravishing day cream



Nourishing & Ravishing face enhancing cream

Healthy Skin is happy skin.
Introducing our new anytime wonder cream for everyone.

Skin benefits :
• Hydration last longer & keeps dull skin healthy & glowing .
• Vitamin C & E helps to improve skin tone, maintain softness and radiance of the skin.
• Effective antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, & antioxidant properties.
• Soothes dry skin , eczema & increases cell turnover.
• Essential oils we used Relaxes & reduces anxiety, depression & stress hormones.
• lightens unwanted blemishes & dark spots, thus balancing skin tone to create an even glow.
• Its suitable for all skin types,works well for clogged pores.
•Its gentle texture absorbs smoothly, giving skin the perfect sheen and nourishment.
•It protects from weather aggressions & UV rays.
•we make products for everyone.
•Youth skin needs extra care ,the same way matured skin does for pre Anti-ageing and wrinkles, so one must start using right products that suit your skin the best.

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Weight 50 g


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Nourishing & Ravishing cream

Handmade with :
Shea butter,Jasmine oil,Apricot oil,carrot seed oil,Patchouli oil & essential oils.

We use all cold pressed fresh oils,natural & organic ingredients only.

This is our new launch 2022 ,for daily use ,keeps skin super supple ,glowing and nourished.
It absorbs gently giving good nourishment and provides best resluts in everyday simple routine.
It’s non sticky,suits acne skin too.

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