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Pink Clay Soap Bar

It’s very unique  it’s a BeCharmed original beautiful creation

Pink clay is well known for its amazing Calming  ,anti aging and cleansing properties. Its suits all skin types specially sensitive skin as it very gentle on problematic and troubled skin ,as it does not remove the natural oil from the skin which is required to act as a barrier.

  • It is made with Pink Australian clay with blend of almond oil,castor oil and vitamin E-oil.
  • Brightens and whitens skin improving the skin tone.
  • Without damaging the protective layer it helps in deep cleansing of PORES.
  • It has an Disinfectant effect  and also helps in restoring impaired tissues.
  • The presence of silica mineral in red clay improves skin elasticity and cell regeneration.
  • It controls oil production
  • It works very well on the face and body both
  • Makes the skin super clean pink and glowing
  • It removes ,impurities and Tightens the skin texture
  • It also help boost collagen products and improve elasticity specially for mature skin .

It’s a ready made pack simple open the seal, wet your face and gently massage and wash with water…saves your time,energy and gives great results.





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Weight 110 g


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Pink Clay Soap Bar

Its results are instant and you can see the glow on your face with one wash .

Pink clay is a combination of white and red clay 

White clay is Kaolin clay and red clay .

Very unique and  BeCharmed original beautiful creation.

Simply wash your face and let the soap do its magic.


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