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    Spa home kit

    So let’s get started :
    Step 1 -Take the bath salt & mix with warm water ,soak hands or feet for 10-15 mins .
    Step 2 -Now take a small amount of the polisher foamy scrub & massage on hands & feet .
    Wash with clean water .
    Step 3 -Massage with our super Hydrating & Nouri body butter .

    Step 4 -wet your face ,take a small amount of face scrub, rub GENTLY on face & neck, wash with tap water  & Tap dry .
    Step 5 -you can also apply the body butter on face & neck for dewy glow up.

    You are party ready with Becharmed natural home spa kit.
    If you enjoyed please share your thoughts @becharnedindia .give us your valuable feedback ❤.

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