Lip balm bubblegum


Made with special Bubblegum oil used for Lip balm.

• Handcrafted with soft and smooth texture it rolls on the lips.

• It’s super moisturizing  Hydrating .

• Heals cracked and chapped lips .

• Heals cuts on the side of the mouth.

• Incase of any redness or Bruce u can even apply this straight on the cut as well incase of emergency .

• You can use as a Gloss even on Matt lipsticks without feeling sticky and messing your hair.

• Its handmade with pure oils,butters beeswax, oils.

• Suitable for all skin types even good for small kids.

• It’s a universal product. 


Bubblegum lip balm

Yummy flavor having a Bubblegum twist,making your lips super soft & hydrated.

Made with:

Bubblegum lip oil,Beeswax, coconut oil, Almond oil,essential oils, shea butter and coco butter.


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