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  • 400.00

    Lip balm

    Made with special Bubblegum oil used for Lip balm.

    • Handcrafted with soft and smooth texture it rolls on the lips.

    • It’s super moisturizing  Hydrating .

    • Heals cracked and chapped lips .

    • Heals cuts on the side of the mouth.

    • Incase of any redness or Bruce u can even apply this straight on the cut as well incase of emergency .

    • You can use as a Gloss even on Matt lipsticks without feeling sticky and messing your hair.

    • Its handmade with pure oils,butters beeswax, oils.

    • Suitable for all skin types even good for small kids.

    • It’s a universal product. 

  • 250.00

    Luxury Soaps

    when there is no reason to gift…let the reason be love .
    Our handcrafted pastel colour heart soap with richness of essential oils suited for sensitive to tender skin of new borns..
    Moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth and soft all day.

  • 1,850.00

    Rose body butter

    Rose Body Butter
    Total skin repair therapy

    • I Moisturize your skin from Head to toe.
    • You Can apply me directly on face, I will keep it super hydrated & wrinkle free.
    • When you do massage with me, I can prevents & reduces Stretch Mark’s, during & after pregnancy, also after loosing weight Mark’s.
    • When appllied regularly i Form a protective layer around your skin.
    • I Help in soothe skin rashes, nappy rashes, sunburn and eczema & fungal infections.
    • Moisture eliminates any sign of dryness, chapped heels & reduces itching, leaving skin feeling smooth and renewed.
    • Suitable for tender & sensitive skin of babies & adults.
    • I can be applied on cuts, bruce’s, & burns help then heal naturally.

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