Cafe caramel lip scrub


I’m Handmade with extra care & perfection for lip care & therapy .

Keeping Hygiene in mind ,we take extra care to use all natural, organic and edible products only.
When we say edible ,means its safe if it goes in your mouth, but you don’t have to eat..

Made with :

• Oats
• Caster & cane sugar
• Olive oil
• Almond oil
• Coffee beans-caramel
• Honey
• Coconut oil
• Vanilla extract


Cafe caramel lip scrub therepy

My benefits & results are awesome:

• Iam natural & organic.
• Iam Gentle on lips for smooth exfoliation.
• Iam Edible lip scrub with lip oil,but don’t eat me.
• I can be used on cracked, chapped & dry lips.
• I can heal damaged lips,due to dry weather ,allergies or any kind of lip issues.
• I repair & heel naturally
• It’s a two in one formula with lip scrub & it has lip oil too.
• Without damaging your tender lip layer ,it repairs softy.
• It’s for all age groups and people.

Additional information

Weight 25 g


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