Honeyoats scrub


Handmade with:
Oats, vanilla extract ,honey ,rose water ,coconut oil, rice flour, walnut scrub ,cane sugar, vitamin E-oils.


Honeyoats body Polisher

Skin Benefits :
• Moisturizes & Nourishes most sensitive and tender skin.
• Honey has antiseptic anti inflammatory properties, which helps & control boils ,blemishes.
• Oats gently exfoliates the skin removing dead cells, specially for the ones who cant tolerates exfoliators.
• Detoxifies skin without making it dry.
• Helps in removing tan.
• Ideal for dry sensitive ,ultra sensitive skin works without stripping the natural oils.
• Oatmeal has rich antioxidants properties which protects your skin from getting damaged by pollution, UV Ray’s & chemicals.
• It soothes sun burns, helps in calming itching caused by eczema ,dryness, heals psoriasis & various skin disease.
• Recommend patch testing specially for face .

Usage is simple :
• Scoop small amount on your palm and put on your entire body .
• Rub gently always on wet skin.
• Let it penetrate in your skin for best moisturizing and cleansing dead ,dull skin.
• Bathe as usual.


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