Calm balm



It’s made with lot of prayers,healing and natural ingredients to make sure it calms you down.
Its a very original creativity by BeCharmed, while making the calm balm,i used lot of mantras ,chants and wished good health for the ones to use it.

It actuually works for

-It relives stress

-Reduces anxiety

-Cures headache & migraine

-Muscle soarness and pain

-Joint pains

-Cold & sinus

Calms you in the most simple ways,just take a small amount gently rub on the nerve points ,inhale if you have cold & sinus,you can also rub on your muscle sourness or pain area.
Rub ,relax and breathe simple mantra by us be natural BeCharmed


This has been specially made for my parents,specially my mother ,as she suffers a lot from insomnia ,and her feedback actually encouraged me to go ahead and make something like this so it can benefit people in tge most simple natural cures.

Sending more power and healings to everyone
BeCharmed we simply CARE.


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